Animal Communication: Do dogs protect children?

After my communication with horses on this topic, I wanted to know what dogs had to say about it. I have personally known dogs who absolutely looked after children, even to their own detriment. I must say I was somewhat surprised by what the dogs had to say on the topic:

“There are some among us who, like people, have a special affinity for children. They take special care with children. But not all of our species has this affinity. Others would rather not be bothered. They feel it is not their responsibility to look after other creatures’ young. Some of us have more empathy and compassion than others. It is truly an individual preference. We say when in doubt, it’s best to carefully supervise your young around us.”

During our communication, the dogs reminded me that being predators they had quite a different perspective from horses, who are prey animals. Their caution to carefully supervise our young around them is sensible and the sentiment expressed, very generous on their part.

With this understanding I am even more touched by the generosity of spirit of those dogs who are the exceptions. One of those exceptional canines, deserving of tribute, completed his earthly journey this year.

Henry, was just seven, but he packed a lot of living into those years. He was best friend to Jill, and vigilant protector of Ryan, her autistic son. Henry patiently tolerated Ryan’s rough handling and even tried to fetch him back for Jill when he wandered too far away. He was always there ready to help in any way that he could.


Beautiful Henry, gone, but never forgotten.

Unquestionably, Henry was irreplaceable, but with an empty space in her heart and home, Jill welcomed young Jack, an Irish Setter. He surely has big footprints to step into. Happily he seems ready and willing to be another canine exception in his attitude towards Ryan and they have become fast friends.

Jill says that although Henry and Jack have very different spirits, one trait they have in common is looking you straight in the eye. She captured that beautifully in the picture below:

Jack & Ryan communicating

Jack & Ryan communicating

Photos courtesy of Jill Yelverton. Thank you, Jill, for sharing the inspirational story of Henry, Jack and Ryan. May you have many happy years together.

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