Law of Attraction: Finding The Perfect Dog

Five months ago we lost our dog, Joshua. He was a huge part of our family’s lives for fourteen wonderful years. Since then we’ve talked about getting another dog, we even visited a humane society adoption day. They had some lovely dogs but it was too soon.

I’ve always wanted a standard poodle and, coincidentally, one became available on our local Freecycle. He wasn’t getting along with his pack mates, and to restore peace, his owner reluctantly decided to rehome. Out of all the responses, and there were many, she chose me! I was convinced this was Law of Attraction in action, and just days after I had put out the desire.

My almost new dog.

My almost new dog.

Before meeting in person, I had an animal communication session with him. It turned out he had a very high opinion of himself and a very low one of his pack mates. He showed me pictures of them as a bunch of hound dog mutts. Imagine my surprise when I found out from his owner that they were all in fact poodles . . . far from mutts! I explained to him during another communication session that they were every bit as special as he and he needed to treat them with respect. We chatted about the situation and he agreed to make an effort.

When I finally met him in person some weeks later his owner reported that his behavior had improved. Observing him it was obvious that he was quite bonded and should stay right where he was, if at all possible. He very clearly let me know that, while I was nice enough, I wasn’t his “mom.” Later I had another communication session with him and explained that he could stay right where he was, it was up to him. Since then he continues to do well, and harmony has been restored to the pack.

During my visit one of the other male poodles totally charmed me and removed any doubt that I was ready for a dog. He intuitively felt my grief (over losing Joshua) and leaned his body against mine filling me with healing energy. I had a thoroughly delightful time with him and the healing he freely bestowed upon me was incredibly restorative.

So now I’m looking for my “perfect” dog in earnest. I’ve decided to put my strong, clearly defined request out to the universe (Law of Attraction) and “allow” the right dog to cross my path. I don’t really care about color, although I do like silver, and I want a natural tail. I’d like a young, healthy, adult (six or under) so that we can have many years together. Sex is not important, but I’d like a gregarious personality.

My dog should enjoy romping with my husband, accompany me on treks into the woods, and enjoy sitting quietly together of an evening being petted. He/She should be smart and lively, but able to remain calm when appropriate. My dog will enjoy our horses but not act aggressively towards them. He/She will function as my ears, alerting me to visitors and activity outdoors, but will politely greet visitors.

I’m visualizing spending time with my new dog. I can feel how wonderful it is to have that special companionship again. I’m doing my part and I expect the universe will deliver, it’s just a matter of perfect timing.

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10 Responses to “Law of Attraction: Finding The Perfect Dog”

  1. RYErnest says:

    Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

  2. Pet Psychic says:

    Thank you very much. Happy to have you join in on the fun. Please be sure to submit your intriguing question for our monthly giveaway.

  3. Nancy says:

    Please, please contact the breeder of my Standard, Trevor. She is Carole at

    I know that she has a male, brown with a natural tail who is seeking the perfect me. Me and many others can attest to the great temperaments, health and beauty of Carole’s Poodles.

  4. Pet Psychic says:

    Thank you, Nancy. The poodle network is fully functioning as I had just heard from Carole and was responding to her when your comment came in. I will post updates on my quest as they occur.

  5. Carol says:

    I wonder if that’s Carole’s pup from last December, “Christian, ” from her Project Runway litter. Her dogs are GORGEOUS, and every comments how sweet their temperament is.

  6. Pet Psychic says:

    No, it’s a different one, but he sounds like a very sweet-tempered boy.

  7. Pet Psychic says:

    Today I came across a very interesting article about the frustration of Law of Attraction. Read it here:

    I can certainly relate to the author’s sentiments as I have felt the very same thing. It is a journey that we are all taking. Some of us are gliding along the river effortlessly floating downstream while others are getting hung up on the rocks.

    Thus far my quest for the perfect dog has hit a few snags but is moving fairly well. I’ve had communication with a number of dogs and met some lovely people along the way. (It’s important to enjoy the journey.)

    Next week I’m meeting some potential candidates and hope to bring home “my perfect dog.” Stay tuned…

  8. SonyaSunny says:

    everything dynamic and very positively


  9. Excimasmill says:

    Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

  10. Pet Psychic says:

    You can click on the words RSS Feed in the welcome box or click on the symbol in the right-hand column. This link will also take you there:

    Thanks for reading!