To eat or not to eat…meat. Do animals know that we eat them?

Recently I wrote about animals being sentient beings. In my experience they most certainly are, so I see nothing wrong with anthropomorphizing. However, I have never applied that principle to eating meat.

One day I was reading a post by a fellow communicator, Do Animal Communicators Eat Meat?, discussing this very topic. Her conclusions gave me pause.

Growing up on a farm it was accepted that certain animals would be eaten. It was simply the cycle of life, and their purpose for being. The animals had a good life and when it was their time, it ended. After reading the aforementioned post I started to think about anthropomorphizing in regards to livestock.

Do the animals know that we eat them? If they do, how do they feel about it? I already had some opinions on the subject but decided to take my questions to the animals. Here is what they had to say:

Of course we know that certain of our species are intended for human consumption. If we choose to incarnate as one of those species, we do it with the full knowledge that we are most likely going to have a brief life experience. Sometimes that is exactly what we are looking for. Do you not think it possible that being eaten by humans might be considered an honor among some animals? Each individual comes to the planet with a purpose. If that purpose is to be eaten, then we will live our life to its fullest and gladly be sacrificed when the times comes. Unlike humans, animals know that there will be countless opportunities for lives, so we do not become overly attached to any one life experience. Some we enjoy more than others, but they are all merely a part of the journey.

Just as some species are food for others in the animal kingdom, certain are intended for humans. It is all as it should be. You may choose not to eat of animal flesh but it doesn’t matter to our experience. If one human doesn’t choose to eat, another will, and so the cycle continues. Some animals consider it a privilege to be sustenance for humans. Would you deny us that joy and purpose?

With that question answered some others came up so the conversation continued.

Do egg layers mind that we take their eggs? What about milk producers?

Egg layers know that each egg is vulnerable to predators. We also know that odds are if we keep laying sooner or later some are bound to make it to a mature hatchling. Some of us use creative means to hide our eggs, others simply never give up, but we do not hold grudges against those who pilfer. We know this is the order of things and accept it as a fact of life. We egg layers are optimistic for we realize that our very existence means an egg was hatched, therefore others will as well. We are dedicated to the task and will continue as long as we are able. We do experience a feeling of release when our laying days are over. At that point we have fulfilled our obligation and can simply go about enjoying our remaining days.

Milk producers are aware that humans consume our milk. We are actually quite proud that we can share this resource with our human caretakers. We realize that our lives are easier than our counterparts in the wild who do not know where their next meal is coming from. There is sadness at having our young taken before they would naturally be weaned, but over the generations we have come to accept this as well. It is just the way of things for our kind. We know that our milk provides nourishment for the two-leggeds and we are proud of our contribution.

With my questions answered I was left to reflect upon other aspects of this topic:

If we did not consume animals many of them would not exist as they are bred specifically to feed us. In fact, some species might become extinct if they were not on our menu. What would be the purpose in keeping domesticated livestock around otherwise? Because the animals understand reincarnation, brief lives are perfectly acceptable to them.

Finally, I am quite sure that other carnivores do not concern themselves with such thoughts. After all as The Lion King teaches “It’s the circle of life.”

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10 Responses to “To eat or not to eat…meat. Do animals know that we eat them?”

  1. Jean Kazez says:

    I take it this is an attempt at black comedy–there’s a “not” after the whole thing. Nobody who’s familiar with how animals are treated in factory farms and slaughterhouses could allow themselves this fantasy about their gratitude for even a minute.

  2. Boram says:

    It’s quite surprising to know how intelligent these animals are. I always knew some species were emotionally intelligent, but if what you say is right they are capable of quite sophisticated reasoning. I have some questions if you’d like to indulge them:

    (1) If you can telepathically communicate with animals, you must be able to do so with humans, because humans are after all animals, right? If not why not?

    (2) Can you telepathically communicate with plants? If so, how do they fee about being eaten?

    (3) To me it sounds like you only communicated with animals living in free range farms. How about animals that live in factory farms under terrible conditions?

  3. John says:

    Hi,Im from Australia.

    Please check out these two related references.

    Plus the author featured in the first reference recently wrote a book titled Green Gorilla.

  4. Word Star says:

    “If we did not consume animals many of them would not exist as they are bred specifically to feed us.”

    If we didn’t consume babies many of them would not exist as they are bred specifically to feed us.

  5. Pet Psychic says:

    I assure you the post is totally serious. I am familiar with how animals are mistreated in factory farms and slaughterhouses. The animals tell me that when they come to this world they choose the life they will live, that includes those on factory farms and those destined for slaughter. Perhaps living hundreds or even thousands of lives gives them a far different perspective from we humans who could not imagine choosing such a sacrifice. Could you allow for the possibility that some may even consider it an honor to come and feed humans?

    When put in perspective of many, many lifetimes, the relatively short time they spend in undesirable circumstances is but the blink of an eye. As for slaughter, yes they experience fear and discomfort as the moment approaches. That is a reflex. But their higher self chose this fate and upon transition, it informs their consciousness as they reflect upon the experience and select the next.

    Might you agree that coming to this world time after time as a pampered pet could get boring? It surely does not allow for spiritual growth/expansion that is the purpose of all life in physical form. What sounds like fantasy to some is simply opening the mind to limitless possibilities for others.

    Thank you for your contribution to the conversation.

  6. Pet Psychic says:

    You are correct about their sophisticated reasoning. I am often in awe of the thoughts they share.

    1) In my experience, telepathically communicating with humans is rare. Our minds are not as open to the process. We are a jumble of ego and emotions that effectively block sharing thoughts.

    2) I believe it is possible to communicate with plants, however, I have not had this experience to date.

    3) When I ask a question of an entire species I direct my question to the collective consciousness of that species. Therefore the answer is true of the majority. There are always exceptions, as the animals have pointed out to me a time or three. They consider those exceptions aberrations. So in this instance the answer includes animals that live on factory farms in terrible conditions. I think we humans have a rough time with that as we cannot fathom making such a choice ourselves. Kind of makes you wonder about all the superior species stuff.

    I hope that sufficiently addresses your questions. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  7. Pet Psychic says:

    Thank you, John. Those sites were unfamiliar to me and very interesting. Have you visited the fear no more zoo?

  8. Pet Psychic says:

    We each have to decide what feels right to us. If an animal chooses a lifetime that is destined to be cut short with slaughter, who are we to question? From what I understand, it is totally their choice what situation they incarnate into.

    I am not condoning mistreatment of animals, factory farms, nor inhumane slaughter. I find them abhorrent. However, the animals are living the existence they chose and they will have many more after that one. I do not question their wisdom and the choices they make, merely try to understand and accept.

  9. Beth says:

    Temple Grandin writes about this very subject in her latest groundbreaking book, “Animals Make Us Human” – Her life’s work has been to make treatment of animals in slaughterhouses more humane. She views it as a “cycle of life” thing. I’m less sure about that. For heartbreaking look at treatment of dairy cows, read

  10. Pet Psychic says:

    Dr. Grandin has made vital contributions to the conversation. As more people become aware of where their food actually comes from slaughter conditions must improve.

    Thank you for sharing the story of the dairy cow. It is heartbreaking that such a gentle creature would be treated this way after probably years of service. Apparently animal cruelty laws are not enforced in that jurisdiction. Those stories need to be spread far and wide until the local authorities are embarrassed into taking action. We can all make a difference if we let our voices be heard.