It’s a toxic world, especially for our pets.

Toxins surround us to the point that it is nearly impossible to avoid them. Even those fillings we got as kids are toxic, leaching into our systems causing who knows what damage. Our water is so toxic that we buy bottled water hoping it’s pure, but that’s not necessarily true either.

I try to avoid toxins as much as possible and that practice carries over to my pets. As is so often the case, this enlightened attitude came about as a result of life with my four-legged friends.

My beautiful mare, Misty, developed vaccinosis after just a few years at a boarding barn that required semi-annual 7-way vaccinations. It began as an elevated temperature accompanied by swelling at the injection site. Each successive round of vaccinations brought with it a worse reaction until she developed a full-blown case of laminitis.

During this time I was diligently researching options trying to find an acceptable alternative to meet with the barn owner’s approval. (Moving wasn’t an option at that point.) Finally I found my own vet who concurred with my assessment that it was vaccinosis and prescribed no more vaccinations ever for this mare.

With that battle behind us, I expanded my research into detoxing and better nutritional alternatives to the junk food typically served at barns. It took six months to bring Misty back to health from that last set of shots, but we got there. Thankfully it wasn’t long after that I was able to purchase my own place and bring her home, safe at last from the dangerous, out-dated, ideas of that barn, no matter how well meaning.

I was reminded of this episode recently when I read the account of a beautiful, standard poodle who died horribly, painfully, after being sprayed with weed spray. From what her owner was able to piece together, she approached the fence, probably barking, to protect her puppies who were all playing in their private yard. The person spraying turned the spray directly on her in an act of incredible cruelty and stupidity. Unfortunately this part of the story was only pieced together after the fact and after her suffering had ended. It’s unlikely she could have been saved, even with immediate treatment, as those powerful toxins were inhaled and absorbed through her skin to begin their destructive work on her entire system.

RIP beautiful girl

RIP beautiful girl

Would this person have sprayed the dog in the face had he known it would kill her? Perhaps, but I’d like to think he would have made a better choice had he been educated on the dangers of the toxins he held in his hands.

Shortly after hearing this story, I came across a post from Dr. Mercola’s site about summer time dangers to our pets. While a bit late in the season, the information is still valid and worth sharing. I hope you’ll take a moment to read and educate yourselves and please spread the word. You just might save a life.

Blessings to you dear pet lovers.

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11 Responses to “It’s a toxic world, especially for our pets.”

  1. Modulator says:

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  3. Colby says:

    That’s an awful story. I’d go berzerk if I found out someone sprayed one of my dogs with weed killer.

    We’re trying to be more aware of the toxins we expose to ourselves and our dogs and doing our best to live a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Pet Psychic says:

    It’s heartbreaking. But we can use her story to spread the word and perhaps save another dog’s life. Please Stumble the post, and tell everyone you know. Being informed is our best defense.

  5. Beth says:

    My dog has been diagnosed with vaccinosis by my homeopathic vet. I’d like to spread the word about the Rabies Challenge Fund headed by Jean Dodds, a noted research veterinarian, who has also specialized in thyroid problems in dogs. The Rabies Challenge fund supports research that will drastically reduce the number of rabies vaccinations required by law to help stem the epidemic of health problems associated with it. People get one vaccine – why must animals get several over their considerably shorter lifetimes?

  6. Karen says:

    Not a morning starts, or a day finishes, that she is first in my mind. Two months later and I still grieve deeply.
    There is such deception by these companies and they are not to be believed.
    What happened to my precious girl was a crime… paperwork for criminal charges will be signed tomorrow. I, and many friends in the dog community, have been getting the word out and I’m happy to say that I’ve spoken to owners of pesticide spraying companies and because of what happened, they are changing their policies.
    You would be surprised how many people ‘allow’ their pets to be around while this is being done. In this case, I was not aware of it happening until it was too late.
    Please spread the word… I pray this never happens to another pet …. that would bring the kind of sorrow I have.

  7. Travis says:

    That’s an incredibly sad story, to think that someone could be so careless. It’s a shame that people can’t use their brain and think before they act. Would you spray poison that like on another persons face? Would you spray it on your OWN face?!?!?! So why do it to a dog!!!!!!!!????

  8. Pet Psychic says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog, Beth. Sadly it’s happening to more and more pets.

    According to the instructions manufacturers include with vaccinations they are only to be given to healthy animals. yet that caveat is regularly ignored. With this diagnosis your dog should never get another vaccination. I hope that your vet will back you up on that. After my mare developed vaccinosis I used homeopathics to support her system. That helped her tremendously.

    I am familiar with Dr. Dodd’s work. It is regularly passed along on various pet lists that I participate in. She is a treasure and I wish there were more like her. Meanwhile, if we all make a point of passing the word to everyone we know, eventually awareness will come. Change takes time but it is slowly happening.

  9. Pet Psychic says:

    Thank you for allowing me to share your story. This is the kind of thing that probably happens every day somewhere and people are just totally unaware of the danger. Because of your generosity pets will be saved. I hope that you are able to find some comfort there.

    Best of luck with the criminal case. That is a highly effective way to bring about change.

  10. Pet Psychic says:

    Likely someone acting on impulse and not thinking. Truly stupid and senseless. Please help spread the word and tell everyone you know. If we can educate people lives will be saved and families will be spared the grief of losing their precious pets.

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