Animal Communication: Why do animals get hit by vehicles?

A reader posed this question. She had recently lost her beloved dog to the road and just that day came across a beautiful black and white kitten who had been killed. She just couldn’t understand why so many animals died this way. She was hoping to make sense of the senseless.

When I brought this question to the animals this is what they had to say:

“You must understand that animals are more impulse driven than humans. They don’t stop and look both ways. They have a purpose when they cross the road, or cross the path of a vehicle, and mostly they are totally unaware of the danger. Animals can learn to watch out for vehicles and even some wild ones learn this lesson and practice it quite effectively. But they can’t help being who and what they are. They are alive in that moment and have a desire in that moment and it must be fulfilled in that moment. That is all there is to it.”

“After being hit and transitioning they are often startled to find out what happened. There may even be some regret but they generally shake that off fairly quickly and move on to their next adventure. Their ability to be in the now comes in quite handy in these circumstances.”

So dear readers it seems the answer is quite simple. Does it lessen the feeling of loss? Probably not. But just maybe there is some comfort in understanding.


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