FileMaker Pro Consulting and Development

We love FileMaker and use it every day. If you're looking for cracker jack developers with enthusiasm and years of experience, you've come to the right place. Click the above link for a variety of templates, solutions, tips and tricks.


We're branching out...

FileMaker Pro consulting and development was our only focus for nearly 20 years. FileMaker has been good to us, but life should be multi dimensional. To that end, we have added Seven Springs Equine Lameness Rehabilitation, because horses have been a long-time passion. Out of the Seven Springs experience, Pet Chatter evolved, because horses are so fascinating to watch it makes one need to know what they are thinking. So welcome to Please feel free to explore and enjoy.


Seven Springs Equine Lameness Rehabilitation

In our mountaintop haven we host some very special horses. They've come to us because they had issues their owners were no longer able to address. We bring them in, evaluate them, and formulate a custom protocol for their rehabilitation. Once they are rehabbed, we find them homes where they can once more be useful members of equine society.


Pet Chatter — Animal Communication

Do ever get the feeling your pets are keeping secrets? Do they sometimes appear filled with mirth and you have no idea why? Are they happy, sad, angry or some combination of emotions? If you've ever experienced the frustration of not knowing what they wanted, but you knew it was something important, Pet Chatter is here to help.


Pet Chatter Blog

Our blog where we share interesting observations and anecdotes of life with animals. Stop in and be sure to leave some comments letting us know if you find the blog useful and sharing your experiences.

Recent discussions have included: reincarnation, anthropomorphism, sentient beings, life after death, pet ID, microchip vs. tattoo, poodles, seizures, pandas, extinction, and evolution.